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Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Luxury Neighborhood of Niu Beach

Rose Medina Kemna  |  November 17, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Luxury Neighborhood of Niu Beach
Many buyers moving to Hawaii and even local residents who live here, dream of owning a home close to the ocean. That’s Hawaii. A home by the ocean is what everyone thinks of when they imagine owning a home in the islands. So it’s no secret that neighborhoods by the beach or the ocean are typically where you will find luxury homes. On Oahu, it takes affluence to buy into the higher end beach neighborhoods like Kailua, Lanikai, Kahala, Portlock, and Diamond Head to name a few. If you are an astute buyer seeking a luxury home, and you are searching for great value, read on as I share a very unassuming best-kept secret — the luxury neighborhood of Niu Beach.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Niu Beach


Niu beach is adjacent to Maunalua bay and the neighborhood between Aina Haina and Kuliouou.

1. Location

Niu Beach is the East Oahu neighborhood between Aina Haina beach and the Kuliouou neighborhood. There are less than 100 homes in the neighborhood, which gives it a more relaxed casual and intimate feel. Twenty homes are on the oceanfront in the Niu Peninsula on what is known as Niu Circle. The other homes are either along the ocean side of Kalanianaole Highway before Niu Circle and right after Niu Circle by about a dozen homes until you hit Paiko Drive. Niu Beach offers a home either on the ocean or close to the ocean and close to pretty much all ocean activities. Beside Niu Beach, you will find yourself close to Kawaikui Beach, Kuliouou Beach, Aina Haina Beach, Maunalua Bay, Kahala Beach, Hanauma Bay, and Sandy Beach. If you love the beach and ocean — this may be your vibe. It’s also very close to the Hawaii Kai neighborhood, where you can enjoy additional views and the option of ocean activities on the Marina. Besides having a plethora of beach and ocean in close proximity, if you happen to be a professional that goes to work in metro Honolulu or Waikiki, the location allows a quick commute from fifteen minutes to half an hour (depending on traffic) to work each way, which results in a lot less stress in your life.
Once the location for Kupapa fish pond and summer home of King Kamehameha the Great.

2. History With Royalty

Niu Beach neighborhood, specifically the Niu Peninsula that juts out from the land, was once part of an ahupua’a, a wedge-shaped land running from mountain to sea that was managed by ancient Hawaiians in a self-sustaining community, which included the location of Kupapa fishpond. For hundreds of years, the fish pond was an integral part of the food sustenance for ancient Hawaiians. Somewhere in history, it was revealed that King Kamehameha the Great enjoyed the area so much he had a summer home there where he went to rest and relax. It is also known that the King granted Niu Beach land to a Scottish Gentleman named Alexander Adams, who was the leader in charge of the Navy. Part of this land granted to Mr. Adams gave him fishing rights in front of the land. The descendants of Adams in the 1950’s eventually decided to fill the fish pond and develop what is now known as the ocean community on Niu Peninsula. These historical ties to King Kamehameha the Great who resided in that neighborhood with a summer home and whose warriors landed in canoes with huge numbers on that shoreline toward Kahala beach truly add historical significance to the area.
Kaiser is part of the International Baccalaureate program recognized worldwide.

3. Access To The Best Schools On The Island

For young professional buyers starting out with a growing family,  the neighborhood holds some of the best schools, from Aina Haina Elementary, to Niu Valley Middle School and Kaiser High School. Kaiser High School is part of the International Baccalaureate program, which is the equivalent to the program that is taught at private schools like Mid Pacific Institute. Niu Valley is also a feeder school into the international baccalaureate program offering the middle years program. If you still prefer to send your children to private schools, there are many highly rated ones in the area from pre-schools such as Calvary by the Sea Montessori school, Holy Nativity School, and La Pietra school near Diamond Head to name a few. The neighborhood location is also a quick commute to private schools closer to the metro Honolulu area.
Costco is just minutes away from Niu Beach located in the Hawaii Kai Towne Center.

4. Close To Best Shopping, Dining, & Lifestyle Options

Whether you’re a gourmet cook or you love to eat out and shop, there are some of the best options near Niu Beach. There’s the convenience of Niu Valley shopping center with a few fast food, casual dining, and even a 7-11 convenience store, to the nearby Aina Haina Shopping Center that holds a Foodland Farms grocery, a First Hawaiian Bank and a Starbucks Coffee. Just a few minutes away in Hawaii Kai is Safeway, Costco and Ross with a number of great restaurants. Also, about 10 minutes away is Kahala Mall, where you can find Whole Foods and other great shopping and dining. The other great lifestyle benefit is a whole world of options for fitness and living healthy, including great hiking trails at Makapuu Lighthouse, Koko Head, Kuliouou, and Mariners Ridge. If you simply prefer walking the neighborhood, Niu Circle and Niu Valley are very pleasant areas to walk with your dog. If you prefer a gym workout, there’s a Cross Fit at the Niu Valley Shopping Center or Sun Yoga at Aina Haina Shopping Center and 24 Hr Fitness at Koko Marina Shopping Center.
Luxury villa coming on the market with beautiful landscaping and gunite swimming pool.

5. Oceanfront Homes Under $3 Million

For under $3 million or between $3 to $4 million, there are options for oceanfront living, albeit it may require hiring a contractor to do some remodeling or renovation work to improve the property. Compare this price to other oceanfront homes in more well-known luxury neighborhoods like Kahala, which can run you between $8 to $10 million for the ocean. Lanikai and Kailua can be in the $6.6 mil range and up to $15 to $20 mil plus depending on the property. Currently at this time of writing, there are nine homes for sale in the Niu Beach neighborhood and soon to be ten, with at least one new listing coming on the market in a few days for a beautiful luxury villa under $3 million. Three of the properties currently for sale are oceanfront under $3 million and one property just above $3 million. All four oceanfront homes have some remodeling or renovation needs depending on your preferences, but the dream is there, and the possibilities are endless. And besides, the most important royal figure in the Hawaiian islands, King Kamehameha the Great, once lived there.

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